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About Us

I spent 10 frustrating years...

going back and forth between shaving and trimming short facial hair. My wife thinks I look ruggedly handsome (her words, not mine) with facial hair, but she hated kissing the scratchiness of the trimmed beard and goatee. So, I would shave... but... I no longer looked like a man she wanted to kiss... So, I'd grow it back. You see the point.
So, finally I

decided to grow a full beard,

and once I did, I never looked back. 
But, I quickly had to find

something to control the itch,

for mine and my wife's sake. 
To shorten the story (and skipping the part of me annoying my wife with various beard styling techniques), trying quality expensive oils led to me making my own

homemade oils and balms

which has led to

Small Town Beard Company

Our goal is to make

quality beard care products

that not only smell great but are also more affordable. 
I hope you enjoy our products as much as we do creating them!

--Jeremy and Lindsay--