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What Makes Us Different?

So why Small Town Beard Company?

Many people have asked me, “there are so many beard care companies out there, what makes yours different from everybody else.“ While we obviously believe that we make great products that can compete with any other brand, as well as being certain you’ll love our oils and balms; the fact is, there are several beard care companies with great products out there. As with any other product we consume, whether it be shoes, soaps or jeans, we tend mostly be brand loyal. It's not that that particular brand out performs all others beyond any shadow of a doubt; no we have just decided for one reason or another, "This is my brand." 

For me it always comes down to this question  

“Is this a company that I can get behind or want to support what they represent?”

So Here are a few things about us.

No Stock Photo Models

You won’t see any stock images or reposts of Pinterest models here. We represent the average man seeking an above average beard. All photos you’ll see are either friends, family or people we meet.

A Beard is More than a Pickup Line

We also believe that a great beard is a part of you and an accent to your character; not a tool or ploy to get women. Sure, that may be an immediate result, but your character is what will allow for a meaningful and lasting relationship. So, you won’t see any over sexualized posts or half nude images from us.

A Beard Doesn't Make You a Man

We believe that being beardless doesn’t make you any less of a man. Obviously we prefer beards around here, but Many of the manliest and greatest men I know are smooth shaven. I wouldn’t dare suggest they are women or children. So no name calling here.

What makes you man is being hard working and living above reproach. You should control your beard and not let it control you. And that’s where we can help and why we say

Be Diligent Be Upright Be Bearded

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