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Stop Touching Your Beard

Beard Tip Stop Touching Your Beard

Stop Touching Your Beard

As much as you may like to play or fidget with your beard or stroke it when your deep in thought like a philosopher, it's best that you just keep your hands off. I know, it's easier said than done, especially if the habit has already been set in. But there are a few good reasons to leave it alone. 

Pulling can cause beard gaps

I don't understand why someone would want to pull their beard hair in the first place. It sounds painful. But, hey, I didn't stop biting my finger nails til my late 20's, so everyone has a bad habit. Pulling or picking at your beard, especially in the same spot due to boredom or a nervous tick, can cause the hairs and follicles to become damaged and begin to thin out. Eventually you could end up with a hole or gap in your beard where you constantly pull. Try to find something else to do instead of pulling your beard hair... but I don't recommend picking your nose. That's just replacing one bad habit with another. 

Stroking isn't too bad but keep it minimal

Stroking your beard should not be too much of a problem unless it's constant or you have a short beard. I know many men who have grown out a full beard that could look glorious if it weren't for the fact of them always smashing it down with there hands. I know the temptation to rub your hands along your long beard, it feels cool. But constantly pushing the hairs down can cause your beard shape to become flat and smashed looking, like you just woke up from sleeping on your face. Also, don't squeeze your beard, it can cause your beard to look thin in the middle and then flip out to the sides on the bottom. Your face will look like an upside down troll doll head. Just dye it blue and sing a song if that's your style. 

Also, if you have a short beard, oily hands can cause acne under your beard which can be very irritating. Where as extremely dry hands can potentially lead to bearddruff (beard dandruff). 

Others don't want to see it

The fact is, while beards may look cool, constantly stroking the beard can cause negative reactions. It can cause you to look pretentious or full of yourself. "Look at me and my lovely man mane." Nobody likes a self-centered man, so don't give that appearance. Yes, sometimes you need to brush it down or check that the hairs are still in place after you've smashed it in while trying to carry a heavy bag of dog food on your shoulder. But once you've adjusted it, go about your business.

Apply beard oil/balm, style then leave it alone

Your beard is a part of you, it shouldn't control you. 


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