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The Ornery One

The Ornery One Beard Profile

100 proof of Ornery and a double shot of Love

AKA: TJ Thompson
I want to spread happiness & share good times without regard to gender, background, or what brand of motorcycle you ride or even if you ride!
In 2013 TJ’s wife Stephanie received a life threatening diagnosis and life saving surgery in the matter of a few days. Through this trial and from receiving so much support from their local community, the husband and wife team had a major change in the way they now view life. They now have begun a new mission to Pay it Forward by helping others in need. You can join their story by supporting them and as they ride from town to town on a motorcycle for the purpose of showing love and financial support to a specific person in need in the town they travel to. 
View their Facebook Page and Website for more information. 

Video Credit to eParis Extra

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The Ornery One with Wife The Ornery One Logo The Ornery One at Pay it Forward