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Jeff Thornton

Jeff Thornton Small Town Beard Company Local Celebrity

92.7 Kiss FM General Manager and COO

I am an eccentric (or crazy since I am not rich) extrovert.

Trained in 5 styles of animal marketing: 1.partying mantis 🐜  2. whooping it up crane 🐦, 3.blind tiger 🐅 4. imagine dragon🐉 and 5. go- real- uh 🦍 

From Shreveport, LA. Has worked coast to coast and border to border in radio, TV, print, web, and magazine advertising. I really don't have MPD (multiple personality disorder) just can do a lot of voices outside of my head.

I do have 20 years of professional marketing/advertising experience in major, medium, and small markets from Georgia to Washington and Montana to New Mexico (boarder to boarder/coast to coast)

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